Becky-itis ™

So according to my friend Ms. Awesome (aka Esther), there is now a medical condition named after me. According to expert physicians (again, aka Esther), Becky-itis ™ is a condition where you compulsively make new friends and then spread your friends like a virus.

So a fact about me, I like meeting people. So whenever I walk around campus with friends, I say hi to everyone that I know (which, after working, living and taking classes around campus, it has added up) which leads to the friends accompanying me to say “you know too many people” or “you know EVERYONE”. My remedy has become to introduce friends to each other and, as it has turned out, spreading Becky-itis ™.

If you have found to have Becky-itis ™, Ms. Awesome prescribes immediate seclusion followed by webcam dancing to bad 90s boy bands (New Kids on the Block blindly recommended) where you will be immediately shunned by civilized society. If you want Becky-itis ™ just ask the nearest person, “Where is Becky?”


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