Species at Risk Act

I love my country for many reasons. One of those reasons is the natural beauty that our many different ecosystems offers. I have seen many different places in Canada; our numerous cities, our oceans, our mountains, and, being from Saskatchewan, our grasslands and agricultural areas. The most beautiful of these by far is our numerous natural wonders that Canada offers. Without protecting ALL of our species, especially those at risk, we risk losing a big part of that beauty.
    Are the changes the federal government proposing doing what it can to protect these species? Will species at risk be safe from over-development, pollution and resource extraction? If these changes are truly going to help the species at risk, PROVE IT to Canadian citizens before you make a huge mistake.
    Animals, marine life and birds, like woodland caribou, grizzly bears, American badgers, Orca whales, Leatherback sea turtles, Sage grouse, and hundreds of other species are so very important to healthy ecosystems. We CANNOT let them disappear.
    The federal SARA is important for the protection and recovery of these species. Most species listed under SARA are at risk primarily due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and having a SARA that requires the protection of their critical habitat is essential to their future.

SAVE SARA! http://saveoursara.ca/


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