Reality and acceptance

I don’t like homophobes, bigots, uptight or self righteous people. I’m not saying I’m not one some times but I also believe that no one should be discriminated against for their race, sexuality, culture, health, background, tastes, or (this is the one I have trouble with sometime) level of intelligence (self-righteous bigots fall into this category).

I’m watching Rent, one of my favourite movies because of it’s hard look at a social reality, like HIV, drug use and homelessness but also talks about other things, like love, friendship, courage, creativity and helping those in need.

I am not saying that Rent is the be all to the reality of social issues but it does talk about issues that some people cannot or refuse to accept. The truth is these people exist; HIV positive people exist, homosexuals and transgendered people exist, homophobic people exist, homeless people exist, drug users exist. These people are not any less deserving of dignity, help or love. They have people who love them, they have dreams, they have problems, they have talents and skills, they need help, they help others.

I don’t understand how anyone can look at people like this and believe that they are not deserving of help, love, acceptance or respect.

I had a phrase that I started using in high school. I felt like I was the only one willing to admit that I believed in homosexual rights. Many discussions consisted of me on one side of the debate with the rest of my class on the other. Their argument, it’s not normal. My defense, define normal? A concrete definition of normal does not exist in this ever changing world. What does exist is social reality. Obviously if homosexuality, homelessness, disease, illness or drug use exist, this makes it a social reality. Fine, some people have strong opinions on these social issues. I don’t expect everyone to accept everyone else, but you better well respect them. How does someone else’s sexuality harm you?

I hope to live my life by three simple rules; love others, respect others, accept others. Let these rules be mutual among the people I meet everyday and let me use these rules even upon people who break them.


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