Working while studying

Piece of advice to all University students #2: there are always job opportunities on campus.

Need cash while studying? Campus should be your number one place to search.

Many campus departments hire student assistants, like the university libraries, Student Union clubs and food services, to name just a few. These are jobs usually understand both the high demands of student life and the need for extra income. When working with the university library, for example, shifts are flexible and you only have to work the shifts you are able to.

The other benefit to working on campus is that you can study where you work, which was the main problem when I worked off campus. After finishing a shift, it only takes 5-10 minutes to find a room, a table or a even just a comfortable chair to get some school work done.

I got lucky for most of my time at university to work in the University Libraries. Shifts were short, my boss was flexible and if there was extra hours that I felt I was able to take, they were there. I was limited in some ways but the benefits outweighed these limitations.

Start looking for these jobs midsummer, since a lot of places on campus start looking for student employees early.

If you’re going to study and work, make it easy on yourself.



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