Study Space

Piece of advice to all University students #3: Find a space and make it your own.

Vet Med Atrium

There are some terrific spaces on campus that can provide a lot of positive energy for you in your time of need. Since I worked within the library system, I can tell you about the great space available. Each library has it’s own appeal and quirks to it, so you’re bound to find one that provides you with that atmosphere that drives you

  • The Veterinary Medicine Library (VetMed) and their atrium is an amazing place to give you a boost when your low on energy, inspiration and drive. Even in the middle of winter it is lush and beautiful. It is literally a breath of fresh air (haha) when everywhere else is stuffy and stale. Education Library as well has plants all year round so add a splash of colour and freshness to a cold and dark winter.
  • If you’re inspired by a space that is modern and high traffic with a comfortable atmosphere, the Murray library ground floor is wide open and has been renovated in the last 3 years, so everything has a more modern feel to it. With 6 floors, this adds to the variety of study space to choose from.
  • The Law Library has a lot of history to it and a very much lawyerly atmosphere with stately design and tomes of law books for that added drive.

    2013-06-26 12.57.16
    Education Library
  • Science Library is wide open with bay windows around third and second floor where study carrels look down on to the ground floor.
  • STM is a perpetual quiet zone with comfortable couches and a spiritual atmosphere, since it is the Catholic, Liberal Arts affiliate of the U of S.
  • Engineering library is a great group meet area to discuss group assignments and, like the building, is full of engineers to have said discussions with.
  • The Health Science building is just newly renovated and will provide large amounts of group study space another with individual working space.

All campuses have many other awesome study spaces to be found besides libraries. If you’re like me and have trouble studying at home, there are always options on campus.


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