What is Canada

How do we define Canada? I come from an opinionated family and I spent my Canada Day weekend debating Canadianisms.

We are a country where 93% of us are immigrants or come from immigrant families so how can we look at what new Canadians are bringing into this country and say that we are protecting our Canadian heritage by rejecting what they bring?

To be Canadian is to be accepting of other people. We are not the United States with their “melting pot”, we are a mosaic of cultures and people. Just because things are changing doesn’t make change a bad thing. Traditions are good but when do traditions no longer represent society?

Watching Canada Day in the Capital, the camera pans over the audience and you can see Canada in the multiculturalism in the crowd; a man in a turban and a Team Canada jersey, African Canadians all dressed in red and women in white hijabs to go with their red shirts and Canada flags. That is Canada, my friends. The same Canada that invited that influx of immigrants at the turn of the 20th century, many of those our family members, is the same Canada that invite those people over.

To new Canadians, learn English but don’t forget your native tongue. Respect your neighbour and your neighbour will respect you back. Trying riding a horse, go meet a lobster fisherman or hike our abundant trails and you’ll see the many reasons we love this country but also teach us about your country.


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