Why I am a socialist

I believe in socialism because one day I might need it. People work hard for their money but money is not always a sure thing. I know people who work hard and get nothing so what are they going wrong compared to those who get paid a lot? The capitalist system in the USA is making it very hard for minimum wage earners to get out of low income jobs, own a home or make insurance payments. They are stuck and that number of people are growing and that gap is getting bigger. Any government that allows that to happen is not fulfilling it’s primary purpose, which is to provide the greatest good to the greatest amount of people. My cousin cursed me out the other day when I said that if I work in Saskatchewan for nine years after I graduate university I’ll receive $20000 to go against my student loans (Graduate Retention Program, look it up). He cursed me out because he’s not receiving a 20 grand cheque from the government anytime be soon, and that is the major argument against socialism. I’M not receiving any benefit so I don’t want to contribute my hard earned money so help people who would benefit. The point should be the programs are there if you would every need them and in a world where insurance, job security and saving accounts are not a certainty, how can making sure everyone is cared for, including yourself and your family, be frowned upon, even if right now, you aren’t receiving benefits.


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