Dealing with Student Loans

Piece of advice to all University students #4: when in doubt, ask.

I received the worst piece of mail a student could ever receive yesterday. I had been denied for a student loan for the fall of 2013. After 5 1/2 years of receiving loans, I had been denied any further funding in a one page letter that made my heart stop. However, the wording did not make sense for my current situation. I am a University Graduate with one degree completely finished, so the fact that they were claiming that I could not get funding because they only give funding for a certain number of weeks/course was confusing. The one year course that I am starting next month is a completely separate from the one I just finished, so they should not be affiliated with each other. Fearing that I was not going to be able to go to Nova Scotia for lack of money, I did not take the letter sitting down.

Early this morning, I made sure that I got the letter clarified by student loans and I’m thankful to say that it was all a mistake. As I suspected, they were combining my first degree with the next one and therefore, together I was over on the weeks/course that they used to measure funding. It was fixed and I have been approved to get another student loan. If I hadn’t had made the call, the mistake would have gone unnoticed. Even the lady who helped me was unsure of why the mistake was there and thankfully, she asked her supervisor who was able to ensure that it was fixed.

This advice go for all aspects of university; class troubles, grades, work problems. When in doubt or if you just need a little clarity, ask. If you are wrong, you still gain a little insight into how the system works and you certainly become wiser for it.


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