Advancement in the Workplace

So I went to some amazing shows at the Fringe in Saskatoon lately and one of these was called Bull’s Heart with Veenesh Dubois. Dubois plays a female Middle Eastern Canadian career woman dealing with work, family and her past. She admits to the audience that she made partner of her accounting firm by sleeping with her boss and that she understood that it was the only way she was going to make it in a male dominated profession.

This makes me curious on how the world sees professionals in the work place, which can mean anyone in these positions, especially people who are in CEOs and higher ups but in all reality, this problem is mostly affiliated with women. The more I think about it, the more I come to understand that it does not have to be just females relationships with their staff, but also senior staffs relationships with junior level staff.

In this article:, the percentages are rather low but that does not break up women by positions within the work place. Is it assumed that if you are female in a high position within a mostly male profession that the only way you could have gotten there is by sex? Even if you worked your ass off to get there are people quick to assume that since you are a woman, sex is the only way you got there?

Besides the obvious problems with this, the main one becomes how was sex is used? Senior staff can use the promise of promotions and pay raises to manipulate juniors into giving sex while the opposite could happen to, where junior staff can promise sex if the seniors will reward them. There is no possible way to knowing which happened first, so how can the behaviour be corrected or punished? I hope I never have to make that decision in my life but I also hope that my performance in a workplace is not measured by whether I put out or not.


One thought on “Advancement in the Workplace

  1. josie August 8, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    Hey Bex,
    Great blog!!!! I’m really liking ur writing style…can’t wait to read more posts!

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