Fringe reviews

After living in Saskatoon for 2 weeks shy of 6 years, I have finally visited some live theatre at  the Fringe fest. And since I decided that I have time to volunteer this year (which is the best way to support the arts), I get the volunteer pass to a lot of shows that they are putting on. So here are my thoughts on the first three that I got to see:

Unpossible: Travis Bernhardt from Vancouver awed and inspired us with his magic show. Slower paced compared to some of the other shows, he is the only magic show in the lineup that gets stage time. By calling up people from the audience, myself included, he puts a lot of faith in his magic actually working, not just appearing that it is working. In the end, everything worked out perfectly and the lesser magically inclined were left wondering, “okay, how did he do that”. And apparently, I draw the number 42 when I’m deep in my subconscious.

Peter n’ Chris Explore their Bodies: Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson face the
daunting task of defeating hypochondria, aka the Dark One, aka Scott, as they enter the unexplored realm of Chris’s body. Hilariously done, the well practiced actions eliminated the need of props as these two best friends battled their way through this purely imagined land. Brilliantly done!

Bull’s Heart: A business woman’s analysis of her life and how she got to where she is, but all of what she knows will change with a trip back to India. A hard look at the cost of success for women in the still most male world of work force, the audience gets to look into Veenesh Dubois’s portrayal of what success really costs women and family. A fantastically dark one woman show that not only feminists should see. (Check out my other post on success and sex)

For more on the shows playing at the Fringe, check out the videos from Preview night:


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