Reviews of Fringe

Andrew Wade delights as the Mad Hatter

Hatter: From the mind of Andrew Wade comes the look at the plague of sanity on the Mad-Hatter as he tries to return to the wonderful oblivion that is Wonderland. Forced to confront his sanity in order to return home, the deep secrets of the Hatter comes out in a dizzyingly hilarious yet heartbreaking story of the toll life can take on a man, what he is driven to in order to cope and what he loses in the process. Wade seamlessly changes from madly crazy to just plain mad until the he cannot escape the pain of reality anymore and takes a different trip down the rabbit hole on a path to accept where his life has lead him. His passion alone is reason enough to go and see The Hatter.

Grim and Fischer: Kate Braidwood and Andrew Phoenix face-off in the battle of the summer as Granny faces off with death himself. Framed around the complications of growing older yet the joys of still feeling young, Granny’s life is an endless circle of tormenting the orderly, long walks, TV watching, remembering her long passed husband and avoiding the letters of summons that Death keeps sending her. Don’t let her age fool you, Granny is willing to fight to keep on living. A beautifully performed story, the perils of age are sometimes heartbreaking to watch but too beautiful to look away. In the end, the surprising relationship between Granny and Death becomes the most beautiful thing of all.

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