Final Reviews of Fringe Shows

Bottome’s Dream: From the direction of Charlie Peters, who is getting to be a big name here in Saskatoon, and the talented acting of Cheryl Jack, Kate Herriot, Matt Josdal, Donovan Scheirer, Elizabeth Nepjuk, Chris Donlevy and Emma Thorpe comes Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream without the stupid love square in the middle. Surrounding the story of Bottome’s adventures into the fairy world, Peters and Co. brings out the power and passion behind one of Shakespeares most well known plays. The hard work of everyone was evident in how in-sync they were with each other as they seamlessly moved from the ridiculous world of Bottome to the wonderfully fantastical world of Titania and Oberon. With everything that Peters and Co. put into this play, the audience was rewarded with a fantastic show.

Here Lies Henry: Slow moving at first, Murray Farnell discusses what happens to a man  is left to analyze his life. Henry is left to talk to the audience of the futility of his life and he tries to make his life more exciting than it actually was by constantly lying to the audience. The audience slowly comes to the realize where Henry truly is and where he must go, but during the time all the audience is left with is Henry. He has a sparkling personality but his demons aren’t as entertaining as they could be but it is the ending that made the play somewhat good.

Dumb Waiter: Jordan Svenkeson and Jesse Fulcher Gagno don British accents to tell the story of hit-men feeling the strain of their jobs as they wait for their next assignment. Slow moving as the tension builds, Svenkeson and Gagno are manipulated by a invisible boss and cryptic messages from above as they wait and wait and wait. Since I doubt Svenkeson and Gagno have actually killed anyone, the tension they create makes you think that they actually have.

Outside Joke Let’s you be the Captain: For a group that claims to be an improv group, they go so far beyond improv that they could be called extreme improv or Über improv. Every night is a different show as they take a single suggestion from the audience and create a whole world around that object. Leif Ingebrigtsen, Chadd Henderson, Toby Hughes, Robyn Slade and Jane Testar combine music, story telling and improv to form a new and magical world each and every time. What makes this beyond improv is how vivid and detailed a picture they create by just getting one suggestion from the audience. Absolutely delightful, touching and hilarious, it was well worth the time to go.


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