4 items, 3 bags

So I admit part of this was my fault. We specifically went for groceries and forgot to take a reusable bags.

But this is a call out to grocery stores: train your people how to pack groceries.

I respect people who work retail. That’s why I silently fumed as the woman put ONE item in ONE bag, put it to the side, grabbed another bag, put the next ONE item in another ONE bag, grabbed another bag, decided to put TWO items in the last ONE bag.

None of our items were big. Nothing was overly heavy. The pack of cheese slices, bag of bread, small box of Ice cream bars and carton of orange juice could have easily fit in ONE bag.

Like I said, I take partial responsibility for forgetting a reusable bag but was this person trained this way. Is this how she was taught for bagging groceries?

I won’t go into a rant about the over use of plastic bags. The problem is being acknowledged here in Halifax. Some stores don’t even offer them anymore (to those business, I say thank you) so people here do realize the issue.

Quinpool Superstore definitely doesn’t have a problem with lack of business and I’m sure there was some complaints when the change was brought in. Like any changes (i.e. disallowing smoking inside businesses, seat belt laws, etc.), there is some push back when change actually happens.

Right now, the problem can be looked at two ways; consumers can use reusable bags of their own fruition or companies can decide to promote declines in plastic usage.


I tweeted about my experience to @Walmart: employee gave me 3 bags for 4 items. Are people trained this way? Nothing was big or heavy, my items could have easily fit in 1 bag

Here is their reply: : Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your feedback. We’re glad to have you as a customer! -Nao

No, they didn’t answer the question.


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