Lists and Goals

I hate to admit this sometimes but I have trouble working from home.

Too many distractions, too much stuff I’d rather be doing than working or studying.

I’m in the middle of job hunting right now and there has been a couple of jobs that I have found that are work from home jobs. I don’t even want to apply for them because I know I’m I don’t work well from home.

However, today I think I may have solved my problem. to some extent.


Make a list, set a goal, and just do it. It’s the just doing it that I have a problem with.

So on my list today:

1 blog post – Check

4 lessons of French on Duolingo (amazing site by the way for whomever wants to learn) and my daily Lumosity workout (having trouble consistently working out my body so might as well try working out my mind, not a bad site and not costing me anything right now) – Check

2 interviews to transcribe for latest freelance article

1000 words of fiction story

Search CAJ site for journalistic articles

Go for a walk with notepad and camera


So, my advice for people who work from home and have trouble getting stuff done (I know I have one friend who is having trouble with this right now), list, goal, just do it!

Another tip is having a time frame. If you want to put in a 7 hour day, treat it like you would if you were at a job. Set start, breaks, lunch and end. Harder than it sounds but best way to get stuff done at home.


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