Bored or not enjoying it

History of trying new things…and not sticking with them

As I get older, I think about how I’m going to teach my children to be creative, curious, socially minded people.

I guess this is why I’m trying to figure out places in my life where I could do some work.

This is my one biggest pet peeve with myself. I hate to practice.

I love doing new things, but I think myself a failure if I am not good at it right away.

As soon as I feel I’m a failure, I give up.

The only thing I’ve ever practiced was my writing. Sometimes, I still feel like a failure at it but it is one of the things that I enjoy enough to keep on working at it.

This brings up the question, am I easily bored or do I just know what I like to do.

Lately, I got the urge to draw. So today my boyfriend bought me a 100 page sketch pad and pencils.

I almost told him not to because I know I’ll draw for a week and forget about it.Alden is hotter than this

These fears were confirmed as I drew a horrible sketch of him reading the paper in Tim Hortons. I fail, I want to stop.

This comes back to the enjoying it part. I know I hate doing portraits but I love drawing landscape. Now, do I keep practicing portraits until I enjoy it or do I go on drawing landscapes because I enjoy it already.This brings me back to the original point:How do you teach a child to stick with something if I can’t stick with anything myself. Or from a different angle; how can you tell when the time is right to give up on a skill you don’t think you have?


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