Better Reporting

Can you trust regular news sources? If you watch CNN, MSNBC or god forbid, FOX news which is notorious for being shitty reporting, do you watch it and go, “yeah, they make sense. They aren’t biased or one-sided and they seem to be getting their facts straight.”

You know you I trust? John Oliver. Jon Stewart. Funny people who don’t beat around the bush. They tell the news the way it is and they show that they know what they are talking about.


Here is John Oliver’s take on what is happening in Ferguson, MO.

He cites his sources, he has video footage to back up his claims of what people say, he does a good job of making sure his points are clear. This is good reporting.

Jon Stewart took on sexual assault on US campuses in his segment called “Fault in our Schools” but I can’t find the video anymore on youtube. If you are in the US you can still watch the video on the Daily Show website. BuzzFeed did sum it up with gifs here

Again, Stewart cites his sources and compiles videos that are relevant to his points.

What makes these shows more interesting than the news?

It’s not about the comedy. It’s not the subject matter being more or less important than actual news segments.

It’s about being clear on your point and doing your research.

When those who aren’t news tells the news better than the news itself, news organizations really have to take a look at themselves and go, “what the fuck are we doing wrong”.


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