Lest we Forget

This past year, Canada Post came out with the “Wait for Me, Daddy” stamp, the famous photograph from World War 2 of the little boy reaching for his father’s hand as he marches with his unit in British Columbia in 1942.

Working in a post office, I promote the various stamps that we have.

An older lady didn’t want to buy them because she didn’t want something that promoted war.

What do people think when they celebrate Remembrance Day in Canada? Do they support sending soldiers to die? Do they support violence and suffering of both soldiers and civilians on foreign and home soils?

We don’t support war with Remembrance Day, we celebrate the lives of men and women who made a choice to protect their country. These people saw the strife and suffering of others in far off lands and knew they needed to do something to help.

These soldiers still exist and still die far from home because they believe they are fighting for peace.

We can celebrate Remembrance Day without promoting war and violence. We can celebrate Remembrance Day without accepting the plights and horrors that plague our veterans when they return home. We can remember the lives of those who sacrificed so much for their country.

We remember those who die, we do not support the deaths of others.


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