Verge of 20

Movies that inspired my transition into my 20s

I moved into my own apartment two weeks after I turned 19. Even though I moved to a town where I was well connected to everyone, I remember watching a lot of movies in my basement bachelor pad. There are a select few that inspired me during that time; inspired me to write, inspired me to travel, inspired to me get out into the world and explore.

Under the Tuscan Sun:
A newly divorced writer is gifted a trip to Tuscany to get her mind off the disaster of her marriage. After finding a beautiful and beaten up villa, she moves in to try and fix both the house and herself.

The prospect of going on a trip to foreign country and then staying there was an interesting idea to almost 20 year old, especially one who is fond of writing. Her attitude towards this new world and what it gave her always made me want to discover my own Tuscany to plant my flag into. At 26, I moved to Nova Scotia from Saskatchewan, and though it is not Tuscany or some exotic foreign country, it is still my little piece of the world that is truly mine.

Pride and Prejudice:
The 2005 adaption of Jane Austen’s novel, Elizabeth Bennett navigates her way through social obligations, family relationships and the expectations of young women in 19th century English society.

Not only does the shots of the English countryside and amazing soundtrack lift my soul above the clouds every time I hear it but the story of not settling for anything but what you want has always taught me to question what I was accepting into my life.

Barefoot in the Park: Free-spirited, Cory (Jane Fonda), and uptight lawyer, Paul (Robert Redford) are newly married and moving into their first New York apartment.

Fonda and Redford were an amazing comedy duo and play off each other fluidly. With the help of Fonda’s legs, I even got my brother to watch it.

Even though the match isn’t exactly made in heaven, the couple learn to fight for each, defend each other and genuinely love each other. Having Jane Fonda as my go to strong female lead, I also knew that I was never going to let myself change for any man. Being young, idealistic and naive, I always wanted to find that kind of love in my life.

Being in the relationship I am in right now; and the fact that I will be in it for the rest of my life if it is up for me, I see a lot of similarities between Cory and Paul and my boyfriend and I. I’m more free-spirited and adventurous than he is but that will not stop us from having a happy life.


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