Book Review: Sharpe’s Tiger by Bernard Cromwell

I am a fan of the miniseries and really wanted to read Cromwell’s novels. You already have a sense of Sharpe from the series but Sharpe’s Tiger, set years before Sharpe’s Rifles, the first of the miniseries, sets the stage for Sharpe to become the man he is. Being the first chronologically but not the first that he writes, Cromwell allows himself the liberty of going back and write the events that were subtle mentions in the first books. The reader gets to see the things that shaped Sharpe and understand how Sharpe was changed into the man from later books.

Private Sharpe’s adventures in India is an interesting read. It was a steady read and didn’t really have the typical rise and fall of a traditional novel.

From the beginning of the novel with Sharpe being betrayed by a fellow officer to Sharpe personally taking on the enemy by going into his stronghold, the rise of the novel doesn’t stall. It wasn’t the greatest novel that I’ve ever read but it does make me want to read the second one.


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