Book Review: Balanced Effectiveness at Work by Flip Brown

I don’t usually read self help books and reading this one started off as an assignment for me. However, Brown’s style keeps everything not only clear and understandable but also enjoyable. I know a few people who could really benefit from this book.

I loved the layout of the book. With a consistent, organized and useful format, Brown lays out each chapter: what the problem is, examples of the problem (both from positive and negative angles), how the problem can affect your life, why this habit is hard to break, how to assess your own behavior, how a change in behaviour could benefit you, additional resources, and a space for your own notes.

Brown doesn’t lose you in technical gargon or explains anything too quickly or too deeply. He just lays it all out and helps you put the pieces together. Some situations may be over simplified for the sake of clarity but Brown’s book is a good place to start to build an effective work life. I wouldn’t doubt that Brown chose to talk about the problems this way based on his addition resources sections, with everything from books to magazine articles to blogs and websites about the specific problem so anyone can look further into possible problems and solutions.

I have the web copy but now I want a real copy so I can use the Doodles and Noodles section.


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