Book reviews: Graveyard Shift by Angela Roquet

Lana Harvey’s life is in limbo. Literally. In Angela Roquet’s version of limbo anyway.

Lana is a reapers, living in Limbo City and working to bring souls to the afterlife from the human realm for the next couple thousand years. For souls, there are many places to go from there; hell, heaven, Hades, Valhalla, you name it. For Lana, life is transporting souls and John Wayne movies until she is thrown into chaos by the many Gods’ fight for power in the underworld. Lana is put right in the middle of it all and all she wants is to get out without losing her job, or her existence.

Thoroughly an enjoyable and inventive setting with a charming character, Roquet’s creates a brand new look at the afterlife with all of its problems and conflicts. However, her introduction to the Lana’s world falls flat in creating the thrilling climax and ending it deserved. Most of the exciting parts were in the middle so by the end of the novel, the story just kind of stopped and you were just left there hold the book as it were. Lana’s story continues in the next three books, so in a way the story hasn’t really ended yet. I will be reading on to see where Roquet takes Lana and her afterlife.

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