First Haligonians

Anyone who’s been to Halifax knows of Citadel Hill.

Big, tall, right in the middle of downtown, surrounded by tall office buildings and hotels.

To look at it now, it’s just part of the landscape, just a little bit of the make up of the city. You don’t get to see much now, the view is blocked by towers and construction cranes.

But what did the first settlers think? What did they see coming off boats and ships to set up their colonies and build a life for themselves?

Geologically, of course it was the perfect place for a military post, with a view for miles out to sea and westward toward aboriginal territory.

Did they see it for the beauty it was or just for it’s potential. Did they relish the clear view towards the ocean and think of home. Did they appreciate the unobstructed view? Did they see the whales and seals and appreciate their majesty, their shear power and grace? Did they realize how small they were, looking out to the west and realizing their journey and the tale of the Canada as we know it was just beginning? Did they realize the aboriginal lives and the natural wonders they were going to destroy in the name of progress?

Was anyone filled with the same awe and wonder I feel as I take the bus around the hill to get to the waterfront or play softball in its shadow on the Commons?

What did they feel back then, those first Haligonians?


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