Don’t Beware of Strangers

Three people were arrested in Halifax today.

They were planning to shoot up a mall, kill innocent people and then turn the guns on themselves.

I live near a mall. My boyfriend works in a mall. News that he could have been working while people plotted to harm him and his coworkers shakes me to the core.

Right now, thankfully, he is on vacation and left Halifax to go to his brother’s wedding in Saskatchewan. Today, I am thankful he is not at work.

The only reason this has hit me so hard is that it has hit so close to home.Who can you trust while walking down the street or walking around from store to store. Who’s to say the person next to you on the bus isn’t planning something.Who’s to say I won’t have to face a similar situation at work tomorrow. Am I going to be afraid of every person that walks in the door tomorrow?I never want to be afraid of people. I want to learn people’s stories and spent hours talking with them. I never want my kids to be afraid of people either. Ninty-nine per cent of people have no beef with humanity. How does the other 1 per cent affect how me and my kids see the world, how we discover the world and how we learn about the world?We can’t let these type of people destroy the beauty of the world, our ability to be curious about what’s around the next corner or the person we pass on the street.Don’t be afraid of the 99 because the one is making it difficult


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