Dancers and Journalists

From top to bottom: Georgia, Sara, Olivia, Vivika. Thanks so much for helping me out.
From top to bottom: Georgia, Sara, Olivia, Vivika. Thanks so much for helping me out. Photo by: Becky Zimmer

My latest freelance endeavour was an amazing one.

I got to talk with the amazing dancers from Mocean Dance Company’s Emerge program in Halifax. Mocean chose four Atlantic based dancers for a five week paid internship to collectively create a piece. These dancers, Olivia Aubrecht, Sara Hopkin, Georgia Skinner and Vivika Ballard, along with their mentor, Sara Coffin, graciously allowed me their time and energy so I could practice my own craft.

It was amazing seeing the similarities between what these women were going through as freshly minted dancer graduates and me as a newly graduated freelance journalist.

Everything they said resonated with me. The negative connotation with going home, like you failed somehow. The trouble with finding work in your field. Having to work a separate job to fund what you really want to do. For everything they said, I would nod away enthusiastically thinking, “wow, I’m going through that too. I know exactly what they mean.”

I quote the Ivany report in the piece because it is very relevant for young grads in Nova Scotia trying to make a life for themselves. Some professional fields just don’t have the paid capacity for the grads now trying to find jobs. Creating your own opportunities, like a lot of these dancers are doing, is becoming a better alternative.

The article can be found here: and I want to congratulate Mocean and the Emerge dancers on an amazing show last night. Their performance was brilliant.


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