Tell them a story

So cover letters…

Everyone hates them; the people who write them, the people who have to read them, EVERYBODY.

I have written so many cover letters in the last year but it didn’t help me get to a place where I even enjoyed reading my own cover letter, let alone getting me a job somewhere I want to work.

So writing one tonight, I realized that I didn’t give one piece of interesting information about myself in my cover letter.

I went through my educational background, my skills and training, the places I worked and volunteered but I never gave them very little about me.

Then I realized:

You want to become a storyteller, tell them a story.

So this time, I started off with a bit of a story. I talked about walking past the building and knowing I wanted to work there, the affect the organization has had on me over the years, this dream I’ve always had to work with the organization. It gave the cover letter somewhere on a map to begin. I hope someone reads that and sees the wide eyed women starring through the window and dreaming about being one of them.

They say someone who is looking to hire you looks spends 10 seconds reading your cover letter. If you don’t give them something of value, your cover letter won’t last past the average time and will put tossed aside into the mountain of other people who are fighting you for that position.

Give more of yourself. Maybe they will like who they meet.


Pool cues and footballs

I love that natural confidence induced high. There are only certain times I get that high.

A) hair down, high heels and rocking the pool table.
B) playing sports, sweating my ass off and loving it.
C) dancing down the street with my headphones in

D) right before I look in a mirror

For some reason, my mirror is my arch nemesis a lot of the time. You see yourself as you go about your day. You can’t literally see yourself but in your minds eye, you look a certain way. I have a completely different outlook on how I look.

As soon I look in the mirror, every moment that I ever thought myself as sexy comes crashing down and I can’t stand videos or pictures of myself. Some days I see myself as pretty, even if the person in the mirror isn’t the same as the person in my mind. Other days, I just want to know who this stranger is looking back.

I love myself on the inside. My personality rocks.

But the person in the mirror, I don’t see a connection.

Thank you, Coach

So I’ve joined a women’s tackle football team this spring.

I didn’t know about the team until last fall. I’ve never been to games or practice until this season. But I will admit I went into this team thinking it’s going to get the same level of respect that all women’s teams do.

It’s been a lot of fun and everyone is working hard. We are taking the drills, the lessons, the plays very seriously because we want to be taken seriously.

The best thing organizers have done this year is get coaching staff that are committed to the game.

They’ve taken to this responsibility as they would with any other team, putting in the same (if not more) time and effort as they would with male teams. Now the coaches are male, except for one female coach.

But you don’t have to look very hard to see that they have committed themselves to the team.

Part of me wants to deny that gender would be a problem but I’ve had encounters with people who become surprised when I use the words women and tackle football in the same sentence.

I went to watch the Grey Cup at a bar here in Halifax, hoping to write an article about CFL fans in a town with no team. I got talking with people.

One gent in particular with his two friends, one male, one female. As soon as I said I play football, he politely nodded.


“No, full tackle, full gear.”

“Oh, I didn’t know women could tackle.”

To this I responded, “why?”

This self proclaimed misogynist started to stutter. Oh course, by now I knew where his mind was going.

“You think we’re too delicate to play?”

“Well, yeah.”

Looking at his female friend, we rolled our eyes in unison.

“But, women have babies,” was his witty argument for why we couldn’t possibly play tackle football.

Continuing with his logic he said that since we carry a human being in our bodies for 9 months, shouldn’t we protect that? We might get hurt and then what will happen to our baby making abilities.

Either this guy was in a class all his own or yes, there are men out there who would agree with him.

I can tell the coaches realize there is a difference between the male and female teams. One of them catches himself every time he starts to use male descriptors, like guys or linemen, and always changes it to ladies and line woman or line person.

Now I am not pointing this out as a bad thing. He know he is coaching women but I can tell this hasn’t changed his attitude towards his players.

So to the coaches who are treating us like any other football team and putting in the same passion and effort as they’d put in anywhere else, thank you!

14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

I love this. And my boyfriend and I do most of this LOL

Thought Catalog

BlueSkyImage / ( BlueSkyImage / (

1. Share the shower.

When your relationship advances, you eventually begin taking showers together. You scrub each other’s backs and sometimes even shampoo and condition each other’s hair. Those brave foot-massaging gals might even scrub the guy’s feet with a body scrub.

2. Pop each other’s pimples.

Girls, you know our men notice our blemishes and vice versa. Sometimes you even search each other for those pesky clogged pores and pop them for the one you love. Some see it as gross; others see it as helpful. Just be sure not to punch one another when one really hurts!

3. Make fast-food runs at 2AM.

My boyfriend and I love going to Jack in the Box for tacos at 2AM when we can’t sleep and want a snack. Boyfriends and girlfriends do this as a sort of bonding exercise. We also do it because we’re…

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Tea with Ellie word challenge: supercilious

Now I didn’t know this one so here is the definition from Tea with Ellie:


Working in customer service, you attribute this word to a lot of faces that you’ve had to deal with on a day to day basis.

The people who think they are too good for your return policy which you can get in shit for not upholding.

The people who think you are going to spam their email or steal their identities just by asking for their phone number.

The people who think it’s your fault that the sale was yesterday and they aren’t going to get that 6 pack of coke on sale.

To all my fellow minimum wage grunts the world would crumble without, keep your head up.

Don’t let people with supercilious attitudes keep you from treating everyone with respect. Don’t let them make you afraid of people. Don’t let them change your attitude about the next person who walks into your work place. Give people a chance because even though the first customer of the day is going to be supercilious, trust me when I say the next 10 are going to help you get through the day.


Passionate People: Thank you, George Strait

I discovered a song the other day:

Along with George Strait’s other song basically also about passion:

I’ve never heard more passionate descriptions of someone doing what they love.

The world needs more passionate people.

There are two kinds; people who do what they love passionately and those who passionately do what they do.

Both are amazing people. Finding your passion, accepting your passion and being able to live on your passion isn’t as easy as it sounds but is an amazing thing when you see it. When someone takes the same amount of passion and puts it into something else that they happen to be doing, that is an amazing thing as well.

To George Strait, thank you for giving us the most honest piece of music I’ve ever heard. And thank you for not giving up on your passion.

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