Tea with Ellie word challenge: supercilious

Now I didn’t know this one so here is the definition from Tea with Ellie:


Working in customer service, you attribute this word to a lot of faces that you’ve had to deal with on a day to day basis.

The people who think they are too good for your return policy which you can get in shit for not upholding.

The people who think you are going to spam their email or steal their identities just by asking for their phone number.

The people who think it’s your fault that the sale was yesterday and they aren’t going to get that 6 pack of coke on sale.

To all my fellow minimum wage grunts the world would crumble without, keep your head up.

Don’t let people with supercilious attitudes keep you from treating everyone with respect. Don’t let them make you afraid of people. Don’t let them change your attitude about the next person who walks into your work place. Give people a chance because even though the first customer of the day is going to be supercilious, trust me when I say the next 10 are going to help you get through the day.




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