Tell them a story

So cover letters…

Everyone hates them; the people who write them, the people who have to read them, EVERYBODY.

I have written so many cover letters in the last year but it didn’t help me get to a place where I even enjoyed reading my own cover letter, let alone getting me a job somewhere I want to work.

So writing one tonight, I realized that I didn’t give one piece of interesting information about myself in my cover letter.

I went through my educational background, my skills and training, the places I worked and volunteered but I never gave them very little about me.

Then I realized:

You want to become a storyteller, tell them a story.

So this time, I started off with a bit of a story. I talked about walking past the building and knowing I wanted to work there, the affect the organization has had on me over the years, this dream I’ve always had to work with the organization. It gave the cover letter somewhere on a map to begin. I hope someone reads that and sees the wide eyed women starring through the window and dreaming about being one of them.

They say someone who is looking to hire you looks spends 10 seconds reading your cover letter. If you don’t give them something of value, your cover letter won’t last past the average time and will put tossed aside into the mountain of other people who are fighting you for that position.

Give more of yourself. Maybe they will like who they meet.


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