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The breath before the show

Being the youngest sibling, I inherited a lot from my older brothers and sister.

I owe my love of theatre from one of my three brothers. His love of the stage came from reading plays, performing on stage, discussing acting. He has a great talent at many things, things that some people think would be more practical.

Yet his love of the theatre goes so deep that no one would be able to convince him otherwise.

He passed this love on to me. I remember being little and he would tell me stories from Shakespeare’s repertoire, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, classic stories of love and betrayal.

From high school to university, there are only a few of his many plays that I have missed over the years. You miss a lot when you decide to move away from home and my brother’s plays is one of the things I miss the most, next to family get-together, weddings and babies.

I think of my brother every time I go to a performance and sit breathlessly in the dark waiting for the show to start. That anticipation before the show is the most amazing feeling.

Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Wiggle

Child-like Word brings Child-like Thoughts

Whenever I hear this word, it always makes me think of children.

Children as they wiggle on your lap. When the wiggling stops, you can feel the small rise and fall as they sleep.

A game of tag on the lawn as they try to wiggle away from your tickling fingers.

So far, lots of wigglers. Three little wigglers and one very grown up wiggler. No matter how old they get though, they will always be Auntie’s wigglers.

Thanks Tea with Ellie, I love your challenges.

The score….

doesn’t always tell the whole story

Try telling me that women’s football isn’t hardcore. Go ahead, try.

We hit as hard as we can. We work as hard as anyone else in the biz. We play our hearts out. We lay it all out there on the field.

The score doesn’t always tell that story.

We’ve played two games so far this season, both with scores that makes it look like we got our asses whooped.

This past Saturday, you look at the score and you see four touchdowns and a conversion versus one touchdown and a conversion. You see a team that was dominated by another.

This is not the full story.

When we lost the game, one coach described our reaction perfectly.

He said that he has never coached a team who lost a game and cheered like they won the championship.

In the history of the team, this score means so much more to the veterans.

In their history, our team has never held this certain opposing team under 60 points since they started playing years ago.

The improvement is there. The hard work of both the coaches and players is there. The score does not reflect that.

You can’t look at the score and see that story.