Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Wiggle

Child-like Word brings Child-like Thoughts

Whenever I hear this word, it always makes me think of children.

Children as they wiggle on your lap. When the wiggling stops, you can feel the small rise and fall as they sleep.

A game of tag on the lawn as they try to wiggle away from your tickling fingers.

So far, lots of wigglers. Three little wigglers and one very grown up wiggler. No matter how old they get though, they will always be Auntie’s wigglers.

Thanks Tea with Ellie, I love your challenges.



One thought on “Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Wiggle

  1. Eloise Shorney May 30, 2015 / 10:48 am

    Reblogged this on Tea with Ellie and commented:
    Funnily enough as a child wiggle was my favourite word, I think that is why today it is one of teh words that still manages to make me smile. Thank you for you piece, wonderful, and nostalgic.

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