Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Collywobbles

So many things give me the collywobbles nowadays. But how can you let it bother you when you’re talking about having the collywobbles?


I’m at the age where I’m realizing I’m starting to get older and things are changing more and more.

What am I doing with my career? Where are we going to live? When should we buy a house, have kids, start paying into our retirement fund?

Like  said though, these words were invented to quell all those fears.

Hee hee, collywobbles.


Movie Review – Pitch Perfect 2

Awesome for so many reasons

So besides the post I just put up about Rebel Wilson’s awesomeness, there are many other reasons this movie was awesome. The premise is your usual Bella’s lose everything and have to get to the top again story but I’m willing to overlook that for these reasons.

Not ALL about finding a guy

After the last movie, you know that Becca and Jessie are together. That is not what this movie is about. It wasn’t about their love story, it was about Becca figuring out her life after the college. Jessie is there in the background, he supports her and he is there for her, he’s just not all that Becca cares about. The reality of that is what is needed in movies today, that women can have it all and be alright.

College Reality

There is more to life than love. Anna Kendrick is brilliant as Becca and you can see she is wanting to break free of that college existence. It can be scary, they don’t downplay that. They embrace it and say that it is okay to have that apprehension.

Accept your friends for who they are

No matter how crazy your friends are, they are a part of you. From Lilly and Cynthia to Ashley and Jessica, everyone is crazy and quirky and we love them anyway.

You can still get back up

When you’re down, there is nothing that can stop you from getting back up again. How far you go is up to you. To get there, you have to be yourself. They didn’t go into their last competition trying to be DSM because they knew it wouldn’t work. They went in there being the Bellas.

There is no body shaming Fat Amy

I fell in love with Rebel Wilson in the first Pitch Perfect.

The first time you meet her, she is smart, confident and awesome. Just hearing her say the line about why she calls herself Fat Amy is perfect.

Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?

Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back

Then I watched the second one and I was just as blown away.

Thank you, Rebel and the writers of the movie for such a kick ass character.

Fat Amy: Would you like some of my confidence because I could tone mine down a notch.

When it comes to love, talent, and living life, never do you hear the words, “I’m too fat to deserve any of that,” and I have heard that before in movies and TV shows.

Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet but there is a part where she turns down a certain someone when he suggests they be boyfriend/girlfriend.

Instead you hear about how much of a free spirit she is and how she can’t be tied down.

Fat Amy: I can’t be tied down by anything. I’m on a walkabout. I’m a free-range pony that can’t be tamed (makes trotting noises). I’m like a firework (pew pew). I can’t be tied down.

There is no question how awesome this character is and there is no even though she is fat to add on to that. Questions about confidence as a fat women are more condescending than reporters realize, like they are daring them to be confident even though they are “fat”.

Grow up, world. Fat is not the worst thing a person can be and society needs to realize this.

Jeffery Straker tour wraps up in Halifax

A little piece of Saskatchewan in the Maritimes

That look sums up the passion he puts into his music. Photo by Becky Zimmer

You can’t keep a good Saskatchewan musician down.

Jeffery Straker proved that June 10th as he wrapped up his North Star Falling tour at the Company House in Halifax.

Being from Saskatchewan myself, it was a little piece of home I was able to latch on to.

Whether he is pounding on the piano keys or belting out his smooth pop folk tunes, it is obvious that Jeffery Straker belongs on a stage.

He has such a stage presence and friendly personality that he fluidly moves from soulful melodies to laughing with the crowd. Before every song, he tells the story of how he came to write and sing it for audiences from coast to coast and even in the United States and South America.

Since starting his tour on March 10th, he’d been hopping around the country and hitting some

It was only fitting to wear my Saskatchewan Roughrider hat to the concert
It was only fitting that I wear my Saskatchewan Roughrider hat to the show. Photo by Becky Zimmer.

venues in the Canada and the United States playing shows. He doesn’t get homesick though, he admits sheepishly.

Who would have guessed that this amazing singer/songwriter, whose stylings have been compared to Billy Joel and Elton John (I can see where the comparisons comes from), had his start in the 300 person Saskatchewan prairie town of Punnichy.

But of course Straker doesn’t keep that a secret.

I was curious how he identifies; a Saskatchewan musician or a musician from Saskatchewan. Right away he caught my meaning since he’s been pondering that same question for a while.

“I don’t constantly sit down with the goal of telling a Saskatchewan story but sometimes I do because I’m from there.”

A lot of his songs have their roots in his small prairie town. For Straker, music was his outlet growing, his way to express himself and his way to stay sane, he laughs, in a typical Canadian town where most of the kids would rather have played hockey than make music.

Coming from a musical family, music was a priority.

“Everyone got that of course it would make sense that I was musical too but to pursue it the way I did. I was the first one to take the reins and be very serious about it.”

From playing to a couple thousand people with the Regina and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestras to recording at the Glenn Gould studio with CBC Music, Straker gets surprised sometimes by how far his music has come.

“Those [big shows] are kind of crazy because it’s a couple thousand people who’ve come to hear your songs,” he says. “Those are moments when you realize, ‘jeepers, this is serious.’”

There is still something about smaller shows, Straker says. Out of all the shows he got to play in the Maritimes, he singled out the house show he played at in Fredericton as his absolute favourite place to perform.

“There’s something about that intimacy in those little rooms where you can hear a pin drop and you can see the expression on everyone’s faces. That I just love.”

From the cuisine to the house parties to the people, the East Coast treated Straker well.

Check out his website here: http://jeffstraker.com/

Listen to my favourite Jeffery Straker song here: Walk Away

You’re the reason I question my judgement

Looking through my gallery, I found pictures from when I was alone. Not just alone alone but without you alone.

It took me back to a time where I thought I didn’t need you. A time where I wanted to try to make it on my own. A time where I thought I was stronger without you.

Just seeing that picture, a picture of something special, a picture that defined my time without you and I feel faint.

I feel nauseous. I feel like I’ve lost you all over again.

You’re the reason I question my own judgement.

Why did I ever want to let you go? Why did I ever think you were making my life worse? That you weren’t good for me? That you made me weaker? That I wasn’t strong enough to live on my own? That I needed to prove something?

How could I ever think that being with you was a mistake?

You challenge me.

Being with you doesn’t make me weaker but you remind me of how strong I can be.

You don’t tell me what I should do, you support the decisions I make.

You stood by me even when I was pushing you away.

You wouldn’t let me go through it alone even when I swore I wanted to be alone.

We went through it together even when “together” wasn’t something I wanted to be.

I’m sure you had your own doubts and questions but you never said anything to me about them. You never talked about how scared you were or how sometimes you didn’t want to be with me either.

In the end, I needed the path I took because it lead me back to being with you. It made the doubt go away. It made me realize how much I truly love you. How empty my life would be without you in it. How happy I am when I’m with you.

But baby, I’m sorry I ever put you through that.