Movie Review – Pitch Perfect 2

Awesome for so many reasons

So besides the post I just put up about Rebel Wilson’s awesomeness, there are many other reasons this movie was awesome. The premise is your usual Bella’s lose everything and have to get to the top again story but I’m willing to overlook that for these reasons.

Not ALL about finding a guy

After the last movie, you know that Becca and Jessie are together. That is not what this movie is about. It wasn’t about their love story, it was about Becca figuring out her life after the college. Jessie is there in the background, he supports her and he is there for her, he’s just not all that Becca cares about. The reality of that is what is needed in movies today, that women can have it all and be alright.

College Reality

There is more to life than love. Anna Kendrick is brilliant as Becca and you can see she is wanting to break free of that college existence. It can be scary, they don’t downplay that. They embrace it and say that it is okay to have that apprehension.

Accept your friends for who they are

No matter how crazy your friends are, they are a part of you. From Lilly and Cynthia to Ashley and Jessica, everyone is crazy and quirky and we love them anyway.

You can still get back up

When you’re down, there is nothing that can stop you from getting back up again. How far you go is up to you. To get there, you have to be yourself. They didn’t go into their last competition trying to be DSM because they knew it wouldn’t work. They went in there being the Bellas.


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