Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Collywobbles

So many things give me the collywobbles nowadays. But how can you let it bother you when you’re talking about having the collywobbles?


I’m at the age where I’m realizing I’m starting to get older and things are changing more and more.

What am I doing with my career? Where are we going to live? When should we buy a house, have kids, start paying into our retirement fund?

Like  said though, these words were invented to quell all those fears.

Hee hee, collywobbles.


One thought on “Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Collywobbles

  1. Eloise Shorney June 29, 2015 / 3:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Tea with Ellie and commented:
    oh I know what you mean. Growing up is scary, but at least we’ve got words like collywobbles to defend us from the sheer terror of growing up.

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