Angry Rant – Plastic Horror Stories

The problems of plastic pollution start with us and I see plastic misuse everyday at work.

Working in retail, I’ve seen some pretty discouraging things when it comes to the use of plastic.

We can’t escape it anymore. It’s on everything, it’s in everything, it’s the packaging for everything.

We are choking on plastic.

Right now, it’s horrible working at a drug store. People by a stick of lipstick and they think they need a bag. You’re carrying a huge purse, lady, just put it in there. I saw a lady buy a CD, I asked if she needed a bag. She said yes, I put the CD in a bag and she put the CD WITH THE BAG IN HER PURSE. Now what was the point of using a bag?

I’d joke with people about buying reusable bags if they needed a bag for their bags. It was funny for both the customer and I, until someone actually ASKED FOR A PLASTIC BAG FOR HER REUSABLE BAGS.

I’ve gotten to the point where I thank people at my till for not using a plastic bag just because it is such a relief when people don’t take them.

In Nova Scotia, that plastic bag blowing in the wind has the most likely chance of winding up in the ocean. Marine mammals are being found with bellies full of plastic, including plastic bags, and we still have people not caring about how much plastic they are actually using.

Don’t get me wrong, if you need a bag for your 5 bags of chips and two six-packs of coke, sure, I will not look at you and say you don’t need one. Just think about a reusable bags or foregoing a single bag for your chocolate bar you are going to finish before even leaving the store.


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