How I got here

I did not get here on my own.

I got here through the help and caring of others.

I got here on the support of amazing family and selfless friends.

I got here through people giving of their time and energy.

I got here on other people’s advice and kind words.


I also got here riding out people’s harsh criticisms and battering remarks.

I got here even after I trusted people who never wanted me to succeed.

I will overcome those who don’t think I deserve to be here.

I am done believing those whom only want to see me fail.

Because of who got me here, I know the difference between those building me up and those knocking me down.

I will respect everyone’s opinions of me but that doesn’t mean I will take their words as gospel.

Because of who got me here, I will help and care for others trying to get to their here.

I will be there with advice and kind words. I will give of my time and energy.

Because if everyone helps everyone else get there, we will reach a world where no one will be lost.