Mom and dad

Today was a tough one for my mom and I wish I could have given her a hug.

She celebrated her and my dad’s 42nd wedding anniversary on Nov. 8th  alone. In February it will have been nine years since my dad passed away. His birthday is also today; he would have been 75.

Dad was a jokester.

He kept getting bugged by a favourite aunt that if he was not married by 33, he would have to become a priest.

He got married two days before his 33rd birthday.

I learn so much about love from my parents.

There marriage was not perfect. It had its ups and downs but dad and mom always put their family first. They put each other first as often as they were able, especially with five kids. And you could always see the love between them.

They have shaped the way I looked for love. And they taught me to never settle for less than what I’m worth, especially in love.

It is because of their love that I was able to find such an amazing man to call my husband.

For all the choices they made that has led me to this point in my life, I can never thank them enough.


Amazing People

The sign I had everyone autograph

While I was doing my Saskatchewanderer video, I knew I wanted to get the many amazing people in Humboldt involved in the project.

Besides a few who were camera shy, the first thing many of them said to me when I told them about the project was ‘what do I have to say.’

As you can see in the video, they did not have to say anything, to much relief.

Despite some reluctance, people really pulled through when it came to setting up time to shoot the video and offering any other support I need, from references if need be to shares.

I am very grateful that I had this idea before it all started because I was able to have everyone who ever helped me sign the sheet for my own personal keepsake.

No matter how many people said, ‘if I sign it, you know it will go down in value,’ (to which it won’t) I will treasure this for a very long time because it is a sign of the care people have offered me.

Saskatchewanderer 2018

After years of wanting to apply but never feeling my application ideas were good enough, I have finally produced my first Saskatchewanderer application video:

I first heard about the job back in its first year in 2011 when they were just looking for someone to drive around Saskatchewan with their own vehicle and blog about their adventures for a few months as a summer position.

Since I did not have my own vehicle I was not eligible then and then I moved to Nova Scotia; not exactly a good thing for my Saskatchewanderer prospects.

I have my Bachelors of Journalism from the University of King’s College. While living in Nova Scotia, my heart was always in Saskatchewan and everyone knew and remembered where I was from the first time they met me.

It was a weird feeling to be straddling the country; one foot at home and the other on the east coast.

While I love to travel and I have been to every province in Canada, there is no place like home.

We rarely think of travel within our own province as an option

photo courtesy of Ray Whittonbut that is what the Saskatchewanderer is all about.

But I have worked as Saskatchewan cheerleader and promoter for a while now already.

My job as the editor of the Humboldt Journal and East Central Trader has meant being the Humboldt-wanderer for the past two years.

I have had to defend Saskatchewan to everyone I meet outside this gorgeous province so besides the year long road trip, I was a Saskatchewanderer long before I applied for the job.

We have 28 provincial parks and three national ones.

We have music and culture festivals all across the province.

We have industries that are thriving and a northern beauty that is wild and unseen, at least by me. I need to go more north than Prince Albert.

The position is about showing off what the province has to offer.

But I want to make it about so much more.

While I have grown up in Saskatchewan, there is plenty that I have not done and plenty I want to try.

Greenwing Days in Humboldt, 2015

There is also the fact that so many musicians, authors, actors, painters, crafters, and other professionals that have not had a chance to be profiled.

There is also the fact that these travel opportunities and the different communities are there because someone believes in them. I want to give back to these communities by donating time and energy to the many great causes around the province.

This has been my dream job for a while. I’m so happy that I finally have a chance to work for it.