Hail to Fandom

I clung to my fandom early and no matter the jeers and insults thrown my way for finding my own place within Gotham, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, and the Star Wars universe along side superheroes, wizards, and jedis, I never forgot or forsaken my love of all things fantasy and other worldly.

We just got back from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and despite the “problems” they seem to be having with box office draw and opening revenue, Last Jedi reminded me of how much I love worlds that are not my own.

The Star Wars franchise cannot seem to win in the last couple of years with Force Awakens being bashed for being too much like a New Hope and Last Jedi not being enough like the original series.

I am not a purist. I do believe they watered down Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith but I still enjoyed the Force Awakens and Rogue One was beautifully done, acted, and executed.

What I found in Last Jedi is a resistance that is continuing to fight. New alien life, the reality of war and death, and yet that same sense of familiarity in words and gestures that tie the new movie in with the vision George Lucas had in the first place.

This is still a world worth creating and while I have read some of the novels within the Star Wars universe, I know that the movies are making their way away from that world. I still believe that these new visions and new life given to the franchise has a lot more to offer than people are giving the directors and crew credit for. This is still an amazing universe and it is a place where I still believe I belong.