My 2015

Here is what I want to do for 2015. I will keep you updated to my progress.

Travel internationally: I have never left Canada. This is the year I save up and plan for a trip.

Write more: Even before the new year I have been working on this. Looking at my post history, I have been doing better and posting more. Next stop, more fictional writing.

Read more: My Goodreads goal is 50 books this year. Bring it on.

Learn new things: It has been 9 months since finishing my undergraduate degree. My life of learning has not ended.

Engage with the Journalism community: When things happen that unite all members of the journalism community, and I was left out because of working my day job, I hate being out of that community.

To 2015 I say bring it on. I’m ready for you.


So I guess what I have done in 2015 is something but I will admit I haven’t done everything on the list.

Instead of saving up to travel international, I spent all my saved VISA rewards and money we were going to use for a trip to Newfoundland (I know it is not internationally, but it was still a trip I was planning) to get home so I could start my new job.

Who knows where our savings will go next. Maybe 2016 is our year for travel.

Write more, I think I’ve done that in spades with the new editor position. We split the reporting 50/50 so I write at least around 10 articles a week. I’ve made the goal of none of them being under 400 words, so that is at least 4000 words a week.

The read more goal started strong and then petered out, unfortunately.

Part of the reason I got so many done fast and then kind of got a little cocky was that I signed up as a book reviewer at the beginning of the year.

Don’t know why I stopped, I did enjoy my time there but I think it was the feeling of having a lack of time to do it.

The petering out I honestly blame on Netflix and new TV shows. Poor excuse I know, but I’m trying to say no more to movies and shows and hit the books more. And 2016 is another year, bring on another 50 book goal.

I’m trying new things and getting new ideas with my job everyday and I’ve started trying new things with the excuse/intend on writing about it.

So far I’ve added curling and geocaching to my list, but this is a new project.

The journalism community is small where I am; half of which is viewed as competition. Hopefully going to be in this new position for a while so I’m still working on this one. I do have ‘editor’ after my name so that seems to be opening some more doors for me.

What I have done is come home from Halifax, get a job at a small town paper, got married, and on good days, I feel like I can do all those other things I want to do.

I will admit one thing, I am happy with how my year turned out.


One thought on “My 2015

  1. Yinka Journals December 19, 2015 / 4:21 am

    I’m happy for you! I had lofty goals for 2015 because I turned 30 this year; it was an amazing year, even though I didn’t hit all my targets. Thank you for the 50-book idea for 2016; I think that might be for me!
    I live in Nigeria, West Africa. So cool to read about your desire to travel. Maybe one day, fate will allow you a visit to this part of the world; it’s beautiful and quite eye-opening. Take care and wish you all the best for 2016!

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