My 2016

If you’ve read my 2015 (, you’ll notice a trend.

I love to read, I want to travel and I think I’ve finally gotten to the point that I can admit to myself that I am, in fact, a writer.

There is something about the new year that makes everything seem fresh and new.

There is nothing special about it, just another date that we’ve deemed to be important. We’ve deemed it to be a new year on that date but nothing else makes it that.

Looking to what the future may bring though is still so thrilling.

So I still have the usual things on the list:

Travel: I am a junky. I know I had travel internationally on the list last year but I am just as happy making 45 minute road trips as I would be going anywhere else. I’ve kept that tourist mentality that I had in Nova Scotia and I brought it home to Saskatchewan. I want to keep that.

Write more: The reason I wanted to become a journalist was for behind the scenes things. I think it is time I turn my blog into a behind the scenes look into the small town journalism world. I also want to write more fiction. I do love my job but I miss writing fiction or opinions. This is the year I complete Nanowrimo, too.

Read more: My Goodreads goal again this year is 50 books. Bring it on.

Learn new things: Big projects: French, photography, driving stick, swimming, piano, guitar. Little project: whatever else I find that I find interesting.

Engage with the community: I’ve always been a networking junky, I want that to take me even further. I miss volunteering within the community. My two weeks off is going to be planning where I can all sign up in my town.

Health: Sleep, drink more water, healthy diet, actually going to the gym. These are all things I want to do to keep myself healthy. I’ve gotten to that age where I can feel myself changing. I don’t want those changes to result in a negative lifestyle.