Thank you, Great Big Sea

I’m a Rover was named for a Great Big Sea song.

Surprisingly not for the song titled “I’m a Rover”.

In “Boston to St. John’s”, the sentiment matches the peril I am going through right now.

Can you travel and roam and do amazing things with your life and still be in loving and strong relationships. Will people still love you while you’re gone? Will they miss you as much as you miss them? This is my theme song so it is only fitting it be the theme of my blog as well.

I do plan to travels, sooner rather than later I hope, and you will be the first ones to know all about them.

Thank you, Great Big Sea for creating such a heartfelt and emotional tribute to rovers like me. And as the song asks, “can you love my anyway?”


Girl, don’t tell me that it’s morning
Can we keep the curtains drawn
I haven’t given you fair warning
But our ship, she sails at dawn[Chorus]
It’s true I must be going but I swear I won’t be long
There isn’t that much ocean between Boston and St. John’s
I’m a rover and I’m bound to sail away
I’m a rover can you love me anyway?

And if some suitor comes approaching
Will you let him through your door
And what if I return half broken
Will you still want me anymore?


Close your eyes and dream
Tell me what you see
Tell me what you want
Just tell me that you’ll wait for me



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