Hail to Fandom

I clung to my fandom early and no matter the jeers and insults thrown my way for finding my own place within Gotham, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, and the Star Wars universe along side superheroes, wizards, and jedis, I never forgot or forsaken my love of all things fantasy and other worldly.

We just got back from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and despite the “problems” they seem to be having with box office draw and opening revenue, Last Jedi reminded me of how much I love worlds that are not my own.

The Star Wars franchise cannot seem to win in the last couple of years with Force Awakens being bashed for being too much like a New Hope and Last Jedi not being enough like the original series.

I am not a purist. I do believe they watered down Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith but I still enjoyed the Force Awakens and Rogue One was beautifully done, acted, and executed.

What I found in Last Jedi is a resistance that is continuing to fight. New alien life, the reality of war and death, and yet that same sense of familiarity in words and gestures that tie the new movie in with the vision George Lucas had in the first place.

This is still a world worth creating and while I have read some of the novels within the Star Wars universe, I know that the movies are making their way away from that world. I still believe that these new visions and new life given to the franchise has a lot more to offer than people are giving the directors and crew credit for. This is still an amazing universe and it is a place where I still believe I belong.



It’s okay to be single

I know I’m not the best person to say this since I’ve been married for over a year. I’m going to throw that out there right now.

However, I was single before being married.

And I did not love myself.

What’s brought this up is watching the movie How to be Single. I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve seen enough rom coms to expect the boy to get the girl, blah blah blah.

It was almost like a mini Love Actually with different couples connected but everyone with their own story of finding love, finding themselves or, in the case of Rebel Wilson, just being kick ass and totally cool with herself and her life.

For a rom com, thanks to Rebel Wilson’s brash honesty, it spoke very openly about how someone can change when they enter a relationship.

I was very lucky to find myself while in a relationship and had a boyfriend/husband who was very supportive of that. That is not always the case.

For Alice, it’s a completely different journey and one that was not easy. Every fear about being alone, every expectation about love and relationships are right there. Enter Joe, a guy on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. His fear of settling and different expectations of love and relationships are also very much right there on screen.
It’s great how this all flawlessly connects into this realistic, modern look at being single.

Bus riding enthusiast

Call me crazy but I love riding the bus.

I got on the bus to Saskatoon last night and I couldn’t get over how much I missed riding the bus.

Part of it is that I love to be moving. Any time where I am moving from point A to point B is exciting for me.

Now living in a place where I have no transit service (you get to go across the city for $3, what’s not to love, guys), the times when I will be using the bus now will only be to go across the province.

I loved it last night because there is no better way to see a province or a city but by a bus. All the little towns you stop at, all the landscape you get to see. For someone who has never owned her own car, this is the next best thing.

The breath before the show

Being the youngest sibling, I inherited a lot from my older brothers and sister.

I owe my love of theatre from one of my three brothers. His love of the stage came from reading plays, performing on stage, discussing acting. He has a great talent at many things, things that some people think would be more practical.

Yet his love of the theatre goes so deep that no one would be able to convince him otherwise.

He passed this love on to me. I remember being little and he would tell me stories from Shakespeare’s repertoire, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, classic stories of love and betrayal.

From high school to university, there are only a few of his many plays that I have missed over the years. You miss a lot when you decide to move away from home and my brother’s plays is one of the things I miss the most, next to family get-together, weddings and babies.

I think of my brother every time I go to a performance and sit breathlessly in the dark waiting for the show to start. That anticipation before the show is the most amazing feeling.

The score….

doesn’t always tell the whole story

Try telling me that women’s football isn’t hardcore. Go ahead, try.

We hit as hard as we can. We work as hard as anyone else in the biz. We play our hearts out. We lay it all out there on the field.

The score doesn’t always tell that story.

We’ve played two games so far this season, both with scores that makes it look like we got our asses whooped.

This past Saturday, you look at the score and you see four touchdowns and a conversion versus one touchdown and a conversion. You see a team that was dominated by another.

This is not the full story.

When we lost the game, one coach described our reaction perfectly.

He said that he has never coached a team who lost a game and cheered like they won the championship.

In the history of the team, this score means so much more to the veterans.

In their history, our team has never held this certain opposing team under 60 points since they started playing years ago.

The improvement is there. The hard work of both the coaches and players is there. The score does not reflect that.

You can’t look at the score and see that story.


Pool cues and footballs

I love that natural confidence induced high. There are only certain times I get that high.

A) hair down, high heels and rocking the pool table.
B) playing sports, sweating my ass off and loving it.
C) dancing down the street with my headphones in

D) right before I look in a mirror

For some reason, my mirror is my arch nemesis a lot of the time. You see yourself as you go about your day. You can’t literally see yourself but in your minds eye, you look a certain way. I have a completely different outlook on how I look.

As soon I look in the mirror, every moment that I ever thought myself as sexy comes crashing down and I can’t stand videos or pictures of myself. Some days I see myself as pretty, even if the person in the mirror isn’t the same as the person in my mind. Other days, I just want to know who this stranger is looking back.

I love myself on the inside. My personality rocks.

But the person in the mirror, I don’t see a connection.