Am I a writer

I write for a living.

I write for fun.

But am I a writer yet?

I don’t feel like I am and yet I have a problem trying to improve myself as a writer.

I finally took the time today to go through the MANY saved pins on my Pinterest Writing board. I love what I am finding.

Story outlines, resources, tips, encouragement, everything is there for me.

Yet, I cannot make myself use it.

I feel like I am starting in the middle of something. I do not feel like I’m on the Go space. I feel like there is so much more I have to go through before I am worthy of all this new gold mine of information. I feel like I have not dug far enough.

A shout out to the Eva Deverell and Lady Writers League (Eva Deverell: The Lady Writers League: I just signed up for her emails and I already love her work to help writers flourish.

Her first emails asked these questions:

“Have you secretly LONGED to write a novel but didn’t know where to start?

Maybe you even had an idea, but as soon as you sat down to write, you found that you couldn’t transfer that idea onto the page?

Or perhaps you got partway through a novel and then realised something was wrong and you couldn’t figure out how to fix it?”

You are not alone, she says, and that has made me feel a little better.

So what is the solution to my problem?

Looking at why this is happening, many things come into play:

Fear of course is the biggest thing. Feeling lazy is another one.

Combine the both of them and it is a rather daunting task to look at the novels on my shelf and want to create one of my own.

I guess time and hardwork will tell.


I’ll do it when…

I’ll do it when I have more time. It’s always my excuse.

Talking about writing. I’ll do it when I’m not working a job I hate.

Finally working a job I love. I’ll do it when I’m not writing so much.

I respect people who battle their own minds. I can never seem to will that battle with mine.

I wish I had that drive people have. I’ve already come to forgone conclusion that I don’t have any drive in me.

You already know I’m a procrastinator. I’ve almost seemed to have been that when it comes to working this new found job that I love. As soon as I start, you can’t stop me.

It’s the starting that is the problem.

Wait, scratch that.

I guess I can’t say it’s a problem. There has not been a time yet that I haven’t made a paper deadline or been late with too many stories. I’ve left some on the sidelines so I could trying polishing the rest but I haven’t been to the point where I didn’t have more than enough of my work to go around.

But that is work. That is getting paid to write. That is doing the job I love and having something else drive me.

That has been another ‘I’ll do it when…’.

When I get paid to write fiction; brilliant, brilliant fiction, then I’ll work harder. Then I will have more drive. Then I will…

If not know, when? When will the ‘doing it when’s stop?

Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Collywobbles

So many things give me the collywobbles nowadays. But how can you let it bother you when you’re talking about having the collywobbles?

I’m at the age where I’m realizing I’m starting to get older and things are changing more and more.

What am I doing with my career? Where are we going to live? When should we buy a house, have kids, start paying into our retirement fund?

Like  said though, these words were invented to quell all those fears.

Hee hee, collywobbles.

Tea with Ellie Word Challenge: Wiggle

Child-like Word brings Child-like Thoughts

Whenever I hear this word, it always makes me think of children.

Children as they wiggle on your lap. When the wiggling stops, you can feel the small rise and fall as they sleep.

A game of tag on the lawn as they try to wiggle away from your tickling fingers.

So far, lots of wigglers. Three little wigglers and one very grown up wiggler. No matter how old they get though, they will always be Auntie’s wigglers.

Thanks Tea with Ellie, I love your challenges.

Tell them a story

So cover letters…

Everyone hates them; the people who write them, the people who have to read them, EVERYBODY.

I have written so many cover letters in the last year but it didn’t help me get to a place where I even enjoyed reading my own cover letter, let alone getting me a job somewhere I want to work.

So writing one tonight, I realized that I didn’t give one piece of interesting information about myself in my cover letter.

I went through my educational background, my skills and training, the places I worked and volunteered but I never gave them very little about me.

Then I realized:

You want to become a storyteller, tell them a story.

So this time, I started off with a bit of a story. I talked about walking past the building and knowing I wanted to work there, the affect the organization has had on me over the years, this dream I’ve always had to work with the organization. It gave the cover letter somewhere on a map to begin. I hope someone reads that and sees the wide eyed women starring through the window and dreaming about being one of them.

They say someone who is looking to hire you looks spends 10 seconds reading your cover letter. If you don’t give them something of value, your cover letter won’t last past the average time and will put tossed aside into the mountain of other people who are fighting you for that position.

Give more of yourself. Maybe they will like who they meet.

Tea with Ellie word challenge: supercilious

Now I didn’t know this one so here is the definition from Tea with Ellie:


Working in customer service, you attribute this word to a lot of faces that you’ve had to deal with on a day to day basis.

The people who think they are too good for your return policy which you can get in shit for not upholding.

The people who think you are going to spam their email or steal their identities just by asking for their phone number.

The people who think it’s your fault that the sale was yesterday and they aren’t going to get that 6 pack of coke on sale.

To all my fellow minimum wage grunts the world would crumble without, keep your head up.

Don’t let people with supercilious attitudes keep you from treating everyone with respect. Don’t let them make you afraid of people. Don’t let them change your attitude about the next person who walks into your work place. Give people a chance because even though the first customer of the day is going to be supercilious, trust me when I say the next 10 are going to help you get through the day.